m a n y THANKS!!!
f r o m * t h e * D u c k

Our success is the result of support from you, our audience, who have continued to return. Over the years, there have been some extraordinary people, companies,
entities that have supported and nurtured and affirmed us.
We wish to acknowledge them here.

With special thanks to:

Dean Wallace, Editorial Humor Magazine
Rick Jenkins
Doug Wicks
Our Alumni
Chuck Taylor
Sheryl Sinapis, The Boston Globe Calendar
Bob Hirsch, High Output
The de Besches
Charlotte Burgess
Templeton E. Templeton
Guilty Children
The Boston Phoenix
Aunt Evy
Zina Fink
Oui Be Negroes, Shaun Landry
Josh White
Davis Robinson, Beau Jest Moving Theatre
Marcel Proust
Squeaky Clean
Dave Wildman
Ron Bachman
Lighten Up, Trish Berrong, KC, MO
Jamaica Plain
Sincerity Splendorgrass
Del Close
Sam Adams
Mumblypeg, San Jose
Clarence Thompson
George Drance, SJ
Alex Quebec
Priscilla Jane McRoberts
Marjorie Burren
Moonlight Motion Pictures
The Neighbors, Chicago
The people of Tonezia
Adam Felber, who goaded us into this in the first place.

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