Renegade Duck: a history in brief

In 1990 a group of people took set of improv workshops taught by ImprovBoston's Adam Felber. At the end of the 5th workshop Adam declared, "You guys have great chemistry. You should form your own troupe!" Not knowing any better, Ilene Fischer, Kristin Hall, John "Sting" Hegarty, Rich Kondo, Carol Lustgarten, Nancy Pimental, and Josh White hopped onto a one way ride to improv infamy.

The moniker Renegade Duck was chosen after a Freudian frenzy of free association on several chalkboards. A regular gig was to be had at the Cantab Lounge in Central Square, where for just 5 bucks you could see the Duck perform a Harold (a long form improvised structure) every Sunday night. This was the Duck's only weekly gig. After getting caught in the middle of a sleazy agent type and the wishes of the Cantab, they got booted out on their tail feathers.

Undaunted, the Duck continued to pick up little runs throughout the Boston area. Venues included: The Back Alley Theater, The Boston Baked Theatre, Play it Again Sam's, The Lotus Garden, The Performance Place cum New Broadway Theatre, Puppet Showplace Theater, the Comedy Cafe, InStages, The Southbridge Arts Barn, The Somerville Growing Center, The New Arts Center and the Regent Theater. The troupe was hired for numerous private and corporate gigs, birthday parties, holiday parties, annual meetings, and graduation night at a certain North Shore high school, which will always be fondly remembered as "the gig from HELL!"

In 1995, the Duck hosted the ITVA Golden Slate Awards and was hired to write scripts and act in an industrial video on technology in the workplace. They appeared at The Vermont Actors' theater in Lake Willoughby, VT, in '92 and '93. 1995 also saw the Duck at the Hatch Shell as part of the Governor's Alliance Against Drugs. Renegade Duck collaborated with AOL/Digital City Boston by hosting two on-line chats last fall and by performing at their booth at Boston's 1997 First Night Celebration.

In 1996, the Duck performed at two national improv festivals. The Big Stinkin' in Austin, TX, and Spontaneous Combustion in Kansas City, MO. That summer, the Duck auditioned here, at the Comedy Studio, which has served as the closest thing to a home since the humble beginnings at the Cantab.

Our choice to disband the troupe after a six-year run was a group decision. The time is right for people to move on and for this project to end. To all who have joined us over the years, either as actors, adjuncts or audience - thank you.

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