On The Amazon

Words & Music:

Don McLean


Em               B       Em             B

There's a danger zone -- not a stranger zone

Em              Am               C              B

Than the little plot I walked on that I call my home.

Em            B         Em              B

Full of eerie sights -- weird & skeerie sights.

Em            Am          C          B          Em

Every vicious animal that creeps and crawls and bites.


G7         C     A7          D7      G

On---- the Amazon, the prophylactics prowl.

G7     C     A7        D7      G

On the Amazon, the hypodermics howl.

G7     C     A7                D7                  F7(4)  G#(7)

On the Amazon, you'll hear the scarab scowl and sting.


Zodiacs on the wing.


All the stalactites and vicious vertebrae

Hunt the stalagmites while laryngitis slay

G7      C       A7               D7    F#dim   G7

All the parasites that come from Paraguay in spring.


         F   Fm   C    C/B    C/Bb    A7

Snarling equinox among the rocks will seize you.

        Dm7       Gdim  Bb7             A7     A7(add 6)

And the Farenheit comes out at night to freeze you.


Wild duodenum are lurking in the trees.

And the jungle swarms with green apostrophes.

G7      C         A7      D7

Oh, the Amazon is calling me.


C      A7      D7      G(7)


       Em    A7          D7     G7

On the Amazon, the pax vobiscom bite.

       Em    A7       D7      G7

On the Amazon, the epiglottis fight.

       Em    A7        D7         G7        Fdim

On the Amazon, the hemispheres at night all slink


Where the agnostics drink.


        G         Em            A7        D7

All the hippodromes that lie concealed in mud

         G         Em            A7      D7

Join the metronomes that live in swamp & flood.

         G          Em            A7          Fdim        D7

Then the Kodachromes come out and drink their blood, poor ginks!

        C          Cm                  G   F#dim  Fdim   E7

While velocipedes among the weeds will scare------------ you

        A              Am            Gdim    D7

And the menopause with hungry jaws ensnare-- you.


          G      Em          A7        D7

Frenzied adenoids infest the hills and slopes.

     G        Em           A7     D7

Everyone avoids the deadly stethoscopes.

        G     Em  A7   D7

Oh, the Amazon is calling...

         G     Em  A7   D7

Yes, the Amazon is calling...

        G     Em  C  D7   G   C   D7   G

Oh, the Amazon is calling me------------.


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