Ghost Chickens In The Sky

(parody of "Ghost Riders in the Sky")

Original Words & Music:

Stan Jones

New Words:  Dan Seibel


Em                            G

A chicken farmer went out one dark and dreary day,


Resting by the coop as he went along his way,


When all at once a rotten egg hit him in the eye,

   C                                     Am              Em

It was the sight he dreaded most:  Ghost Chickens in the Sky!


The farmer had raised chickens since he was twenty-four,

Workin' for KFC for thirty years or more.

Killin' all those chickens, and sendin' 'em on to fry.

Now they all want revenge, Ghost Chickens in the Sky!



Em                G

Bawk, Bawk, Bawk, BAWWWWK!

G                 Em

Bawk, Bawk, Bawk, BAWWWWK!

C                     Em

Ghost Chickens in the Sky!


Their feet were black and scaley, their eyes were burnin' red.

They had no meat nor feathers; these chickens all were dead!

They plucked that farmer up, and he died there by the claw.

They cooked him "Extra Crispy," and ate him with cole slaw!


CHORUS:  [repeat several times - make the "Bwaks" louder each time!]


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