Dragon Song

Words & Music:




  Em     Am          Em            Am       C       D     G

A dragon stalked the hills and the glens of Dunkirk long ago.

  Em                      Am                   Em   D     Em

I shudder to think of the terror he wrought, a long time ago,

    D      Em   D     Em

Oh, yes, a long time ago.


G      D         Em             C        D           G

Let me sing this song to you, a song I'm sure you'll know.

     G                 Em               Am      D     Em

I'll sing of lords and kings and men, a tale of long ago,

    D      Em      D     Em

Oh, yes, a tale of long ago.




Up stepped Lady Ellen's knight, his armor shone like gold.

He said, "I'll lay the damn beast down, if I may be so bold,

Oh, yes, if I may be so bold."




So he doffed his cap and off he rode, upon his great white steed.

And in his hands a mighty sword, a sword he wouldn't need,

Oh, yes, a sword he wouldn't need.




He rode and he rode for many a day, for the dragon's cave was far.

He said, "I'd get there faster if I had a motor car,

Oh, yes, if I had a motor car."




The townsfolk stayed, the townsfolk stayed, awaiting his return.

When he appeared they all pressed close, his mighty tale to learn,

Oh, yes, his mighty tale to learn.


"The dragon's dead, the dragon's dead, I shot him from a tree."

That's all fine and well," they said, "but what of his family?

Oh, yes, but what of his family?"


"Don't fear I shot them all that day, my armor wasn't dented.

I shot them with a tommy gun, though it hasn't been invented,

Oh, yes, though it hasn't been invented."


The moral of this merry tale, a tale of mirth and fun.

Don't ever go on a dragon hunt, without a tommy gun,

Oh, yes, without a tommy gun.




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