The Banjo Song

Words & Music:

Traditional American


I've been asked to provide the tune for this one, since it is apparently unrecorded anywhere.  So, here is a solo version of this and -- pardon the pipes -- a duet version with a higher voice so kids can sing along.  Enjoy!


  D                            A7

I u-la-lused to play-la-lay on my-la-lie ban-jo-la-lo.

    A7                         D         A7  D

But my-la-lie ban-jo-la-lo got bro-la-lo-lo--loke.

  D                            A7

I too-la-looke it to-la-lo the me-le-lender's sho-la-lop,

        A7                            D         A7  D

But the me-le-lender's sho-la-lop was shu-la-la-la--lut.


Since people have asked what this nonsense means, here are the words without the "la-la" parts added:  "I used to play on my banjo, but my banjo got broke.  I took it to the mender's shop, but the mender's shop was shut."