Midnight On The Stormy Deep

Words & Music:

Traditional American(?)


             D      A      D

Was midnight on the stormy deep.  My solitary watch I keep.

                G            D

But to think of her I left behind

                      A        D

And asked if she'd be true and kind.


I never shall forget the day,

That I was forced to go away.

In silence there my head she'd rest

And hold me to her loving breast.


Oh, Willie, don't go back to sea.

There's other girls as good as me.

But none can love you true as I.

Pray don't go where the bullets fly.


The deep, deep sea may us divide.

And I may be some other's bride.

But still my thoughts will sometimes stray

To thee when thou art far away.


I never have proved false to thee.

The heart I gave was true as thine.

But you have proved untrue to me,

I can no longer call thee mine.


Then fare thee well, I'd rather make.

My home upon some icy lake.

Where the southern sun refuse to shine,

Than to trust a love so false as thine.


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