Cape Cod Girls

(a.k.a. "Bound For Australia")

Words & Music:

Traditional Sea Shanty


Traditionally, this would be sung as an a capella call & response work song – with the shantyman singing the verses and all chiming in on the responses & choruses.  So, the chords are just for singalong reference (the version I know is by the Mystic Seaport Chanteymen).  The "two-haul" nature of the response line seems to indicate that this would be a long-haul or halyard shanty.  But correct me if I am wrong!


G                                                C      G

Cape Cod girls they have no combs.  Heave away!  Heave away!

G                                                      C      G

They comb their hair with codfish bones.  Heave away!  Heave away!



G              C            G                  C      G

Heave away, my bully, bully boys!  Heave away! Heave away!

G            C                G                            C  G

Heave away & don't you make a noise, we are bound for Australia!


Cape Cod boys they have no sleds.  Heave away!  Heave away!

They slide down dunes on codfish heads.  Heave away!  Heave away!




Cape Cod doctors got no pills.  Heave away!  Heave away!

They give their patients codfish gills.  Heave away!  Heave away!




Cape Cod cats ain't got no tails.  Heave away!  Heave away!

They lost them all in Cape Cod gales.  Heave away!  Heave away!




Cape Cod moms don't bake no pies.  Heave away!  Heave away!

They feed their children codfish eyes.  Heave away!  Heave away!





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