Mississippi Mud

Words & Music:

James Cavanaugh & Harry Barris (1927)


Most of us know this tune from The Muppet Show or Less Than Jake's recent a capella cover.  I recall playing it in marching band 'way back in the day.  Mudcat Cafˇ has all the words - which are a bit updated for the 21st century (insert "darkies" for "people" and you have the original '20s version in all its racist "glory".).  Thanks to Jim Bottorff for the chords!


         C                     Ab7

When the sun goes down and the tide goes out,

    C      C7      B7    Bb7      A7

The people gather 'round and they all begin to shout,

D7           G+

"Hey!  Hey!  Uncle Dud!

       C        Cdim      C    Cdim   C      Cdim C

It's a treat to beat your feet on the Mississippi Mud.

Cdim   C        Cdim      C    Cdim   C      Cdim G7

It's a treat to beat your feet on the Mississippi Mud".


C            Ab7          C  C7  B7  Bb7 A7

What a dance do they do!  Lordy, how I'm tellin' you!

Dm         A7      Dm  A7           Dm      A7             Dm  A7

They don't need no band.  They keep time by clappin' their hand.

        F          F#dim  C            A7

Just as happy as a cow--- chewin' on a cud,

         D7                            G7          C

When the people beat their feet on the Mississippi Mud.



Am E7  Am  E7   Am   F7   Am  E7    Am  E7   Am   F7

Lordy, how they play it!  Goodness, how they sway it!

D7         G7         C        Cdim      C         Eb7   D7  G7

Uncle Joe, Uncle Jim, how they pound the mire with vigor and vim!

Am    E7   Am E7 Am      F7   Am    E7 Am E7  Am    F7

Joy!  That music thrills me!  Boy!  It nearly kills me!

D7          G7             C         Cdim    C         Eb7  D7 G7

What a show when they go!  Say, they beat it up either fast or slow!




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