The Gang That Sang "Heart Of My Heart"

(a.k.a. "Heart Of My Heart")

Words & Music:

Ben Ryan (The Four Aces)


This tune made it all the way to #7 in 1953 and is most commonly known by "Heart Of My Heart" instead of its full title.  Kraziekhat was kind enough to transcribe this '50s wonder.


C      D7    C       D7  G         D7  G

"Heart Of My Heart", I-- love that melody.

G      D7    G      Fdim       C    Dm7   C

"Heart Of My Heart" --- brings back those memories

A7   Gdim    A7          D7     Fdim   D7

When we were kids on the corner of the street.

D       Cdim      D7

We were rough and ready guys,

     G       Cdim  Dm7   G    Fdim G7

But, oh, how we--- could harm-on---ize.


C      D7    C       D7    G            D7     G7

"Heart Of My Heart", meant friends were dearer then.

Fdim       G7  Bm7  E7

Too bad we had to-- part.

  A7     Fdim       A7

I know a tear would glisten

   D         D7    

If once more I could listen

F       Fdim      G           Fdim  C    F C G7 C

To that gang that sang "Heart Of My Heart".





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