Words & Music:

Sam M. Lewis, Joe Young & Harry Akst (1925)


I've never heard the verse (intro) to this song, but Jim Bottorff has the chords & lyrics on his page.  Since I am not sure how the chords & lyrics line up, I have just put the chords for each line after the lyrics.  If someone can teach me the verse, I'd appreciate it!


Carolina gave me Dinah,  [G   D7]

I'm the proudest one beneath the Dixie sun,  [G   E7   A7   D7]

News is spreadin' 'bout a weddin'.  [G  Bm   E7]

I hear church bells ringin', Here's the song my heart keeps sin-in':

[previous line:  D  Bm  Em  A7  D7]


G                                   G#dim        Am

Dinah, is there anyone finer in the state of Carolina,

D7                  G    G#dim   Am          D7

If there is and you know her---, show her to me?


Dinah, with her Dixie eyes blazin',

G             G#dim   Am     D7                   G  C7  G

How I love to sit and gaze into the eyes of Dinah Lee.

Em           Eb+      Em7

Every night, why do I shake with fright?

Em6        Em          A7                D7    D#7  D7

Because my Dinah might change her mind about me.


Dinah, if she wandered to China,

G       G#dim        Am     D7                    G

I would hop an ocean liner, just to be with Dinah Lee.


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