Wond'rous Stories

Words & Music:

Jon Anderson


G                              C

I woke this morning, love laid me down by the river.

G                               Gm

Drifting I turned on up stream, bound for my Forgiver.

       Bbm                           F

In the giving of my eyes to see your face.

Bbm                              F

Sound did silence me, leaving no trace.

         C                   F         C      F

I beg to leave, to hear your wond'rous stories.

C                F         C               Em    C

Beg to hear your wond'rous stories.  La-la-la---!


He spoke of lands not far, nor lands they were in his mind.

Of fusion captured high, where reason captured his time.

In no time at all he took me to the gate.

In haste I quickly checked the time, if I was late

I had to leave, to hear your wondrous stories.

Had to hear your wondrous stories.  La-la-la---!


F      Bbm


F        C            F         C

Hearing, hearing your wond'rous stories!

F            C         F     C    Em    C

Hearing your wond'rous stories!


It is no lie I see deeply into the future.

Imagine everything, you're close, and were you there.

To stand so cautiously at first and then so high.

As he spoke my spirit climbed into the sky.

I bid it to return to hear your wondrous stories.

Return to hear your wondrous stories.

Return to hear your wondrous stories.  La-la-la---!


Hearing, hearing, hearing, hearing, hearing!



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