When I Come Around

Words & Music:

Billie Joe Armstrong, Tre Cool & Mike Dinst (Green Day)


G5   D5   Em   C5  [3x]


G5   D5                  Em  C5

   I heard you crying loud

All the way across town.

You're searching for that someone and it's me out on the prowl.

As you sit around feeling sorry for yourself.


Don't get lonely now, dry your whining eyes.

I'm just roaming for the moment sleazing my back yard.

So, don't get so uptight you been thinking about ditching me.



A5                    C5

No time to search the world around.

A5                    C5

‘Cause you know where I'll be found

[n.c.]        G5    D5    Em   C5  [2x]

When I come around.


I heard it all before, so, don't knock down my door.

I'm a loser and a user, so, I don't need no accuser

To try slag me down, because I know I'm right.


So, go do what you like, make sure you do it wise.

You may find out that your self-doubt means nothing was ever there.

You can’t go forcing something if it's just not right.


CHORUS:  [repeat last line 4x]




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