Words & Music:

Vito Bratta & Mike Tramp (White Lion)


This is fully transcribed in the February 2005 issue of Guitar One (yup, even Vito's solo).  Play this as fingerpicked arpeggios to get what you hear on the recording.  Or experiment and come up with your own arrangment!


INTRO: [finger pick the chords over the open D]

D     A/D     C/D                   G/D

Wait, wait, I never had a chance to love you.

      Bb/D                                  A5

And I only wanna say, "I love you" one more time.


[fingerpick first verse, then move to picked chords]

A     A7              D/A                Dm/A

Wait, just a moment before our love will die.

'Cause I must know the reason why we say "Goodbye".

Wait, just a moment and tell me why.

'Cause I can show you lovin' that you won't deny.


Wait, and show your lovin' like it was before.

'Cause I won't let that feelin' walk out through the door.

I said, wait, just a moment and try once more.

'Cause, babe, I need to hold you like I did before.



B5         B5/A       E5               G5

So, if you go away, I know that I will follow.

Bm               Bm/A            E5

'Cause there's a place inside my heart that tells me:

 B5   F#   B5   F#   B5   F#     B5  F#  B5  F#

"Hold out, hold out, hold out!"  Oh----, ba--by!



D5    A5      G5                    A5

Wait, wait, I never had a chance to love you.

D5    A5       E5                  A5

Wait, wait, if only our love could show you.

D5    A5      G5                 A5

Wait, wait, I never wanna be without you.

D5    A5          C                     G

Wait, wait, no, I never had a chance to love you.

       Bb                F                  A

Now, I only wanna say "I love you" one more time.



A  A7  D/A  Dm/A  [4x - last time no Dm - instead sustain the D chord]




OUTRO [fingerpick]:  A  A7  D/A  Dm/A [2x]


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