Livin' On A Prayer

Words & Music:

Jon Bon Jovi, Ritchie Sambora & Desmond Child


Em                                            C   D  E

[spoken:]  Once upon a time, not so long ago...


Em                                 Em/F#

Tommy used to work on the docks.

Em                                                  C      D           Em

Union's been on strike. He's down on his luck. It's though,   so though.


Gina work the dinner all day

Working for her man. She brings home her pay

For love, for love.


                       C   D                Em

She says we've got to hold on to what we've got.

C                 D                           Em

It doesn't make a difference if we make it or not.

       C        D                 Em        C          D

We've got each other and that's a lot, for love. We'll give it a shot.



Em  C           D           G                 D7sus4

Woooo, we're halfway there, wooo, livin' on a prayer.

Em       C          D                 G  C  D7sus4

Take my hand we'll make it, I swear.  Wooo, livin' on a prayer


Tommy's got his six string in hock,

Now he's holding in, what he used to make it talk.  So though, it's so though.

Gina dreams of running away.

When she cries in the night, Tommy whispers:  "Baby it's O.K., some day...

We've got to hold on..."


CHORUS:  [then:]


Livin' on a prayer.




Em                        C   D             Em D

Oooooooooh, we've got to hold on, ready or not.

      C                           D

You live for the fight when it's all that you've got.


Bb   Eb        Fsus4     F           Bb   Eb  F7sus4

Woooooo, we're half ---- way there.  Woooooo, livin' on a prayer.

Gm      Eb             F                  Bb  Eb F7sus4

Take my hand and we'll make it, I swear.  Woooo, livin on a prayer.


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