Words & Music:

Thomas Yorke, Edward O'Brien, Colin Greenwood,

Jonathan Greenwood & Phillip Selway (Radiohead)


There is a full three-guitar & bass transcription of this in Guitar World.


Am                        G#                          D#   F

Can't get the stink off.  He's been hanging round for days.

Am                   G#                        D#   A#

Comes like a comet.  Suckered you but not your friends.

Am                         G#                    G F# F

One day he'll get to you.  Teach you how to be a holy cow.



                 C         F#              F

You do it to yourself, you do.  And that's what really hurts is.

                 C           F#   F

You do it to yourself.  Just you, you and no-one else

                   C   D#   D   F

You do it to yourself.  [2x]


Don't get my sympathy.  Hanging out the 15th floor.

You've changed the lock 3 times.  I still come reeling through the door.

One day I'll get to you and teach you how to get to purest Hell.




INSTRUMENTAL SOLO OVER:  E  D  A6  G [2x]  [then verse chords]




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