Breaking The Girl

Words & Music:

Red Hot Chili Peppers


There is a complete transcription of this in the June 2001 issue of Guitar One.  Fan chordings given below.


Chordings [standard tuning - capo 4] per Mark Schnitzius:








Or a simpler version per Petar Piletich:  A  G  D  A


A      B/A  Am7 D/A          E/A  A

I am a man----- cut from the know.

Rarely do friends come and then go.

She was a girl, soft but estranged.

We were the two, our lives rearranged.

C          G         Am        C          G         FM7

Feeling so good that day...  A feeling of love that day...



Am7        E7/B         C6           G/D             E7

Twisting & turning your feelings are burning; you're breaking the girl.

Am7 E7/B  C6  G/D  FM7

She meant you no-- harm.

Think you're so clever, but now you must sever; you're breaking the girl

Am7  E7/B  C6 G/D FM7   F7  E7

He-- loves no one else.


Raised by my dad, girl of the day.

He was my dad, that was the way.

She was a girl left alone.

Feeling the need to make me her home.

I don't know what or why the twilight of love had arrived.




INTERLUDE OVER:  Am   Dm/C  [8x]





Am7  E7/B  C6  G/D  E7 | Am7  E7/B  C6  G/D  FM7  [3x & out]


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