Black Hole Sun

Words & Music:

Chris Connell (Soundgarden)


This song is in Drop D tuning.  A transcription can be found in Guitar World. Another transcription is in the January-February 2009 issue of Guitar Edge.


Gsus4   Bb6/9   F5   E5   Ebsus4   D7(no 3)


      G6         Bb6          F5              Em

In my eyes, indisposed, in disguise as no-one knows,

          Eb             Dsus4      G6     G7/F  Ab

Hides the face, lies the snake, the sun in my disgrace

Boiling heat, summer stench, 'neath the black the sky looks dead.

Call my name through the cream and I'll hear you, scream again.



           Ebsus4         D7(no 3) G5     G5/F   Bb

Black hole sun, won't you come and wash away the rain?

           Ebsus4         D7(no 3)         C              D

Black hole sun, won't you come, won't you come? Won't you come?


Stuttering, cold and damp, steal the warm wind, tired friend.

Times are gone for honest men and sometimes far too long for snakes.

In my shoes a walking sleep and my youth I pray to keep.

Heaven send hell away, no one sings like you anymore.




          Fdim   Cm   Bb   Dm

Won't you come?

          Fdim   Cm   Bb   Dm

Won't you come?

          Fdim   Cm   Bb   Dm

Won't you come?


Hang my head, drown my fear, 'til you all just disappear...




OUTRO OVER:  C   Bb   D  [6x]  then, G5  G5/F  F5  G5

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