5 Minutes Alone

Words & Music:

Vincent Paul Abbot, Darrell Lance Abbott,

Rex Robert Brown & Philip Hansen Anselmo (Pantera)


This is fully transcribed in Guitar World.


Basic song riff:

         G5 A5 E5 [repeated]  E5 G5 A5 E5 Bb5 G5 E5        E5







  S H     s+s e e s+s e E s e s   s+s e e s+s e S s s e s


E5 [palm mute]

I see you had your mind made up, you group of pitiful liars.

Eb5/E [palm mute]

Before I woke to face the day, your master plan transpired.

E5 [palm mute]

Something told me this job had more to meet the eye.

Eb5/E  [palm mute]

My song is not believed? My words somewhat deceiving?


[n.c.] fill 1







   e  s s s s+s s s s+s s s+s s s


[fill 1]  [fill 1 repeat 3 more times]

          Now I'm, unwhole.




You've waged a war of nerves, but you can't crush the kingdom.


Fill 2:

[n.c.]       G5 A5 E5  [repeat]



|-----------|---------------------------|  second time, the [n.c.] notes are

|-----------|---------------------------|  7 to 6 to 5 on the low E



   h  q  q    s+s e s s s+s e S s s e s +


[fill 2]

Can't be what your idols are. Can't leave the scar.

[fill 2]

You cry for compensation. I ask you please just give us...



[basic riff]

5 minutes alone.  Just give us 5 minutes alone.


I read your eyes, your mind was made up, you took me for a fool.

You used complexion of my skin for a counter-racist tool.

You can't burn me; I've spilled my guts out in the past.

Taken advantage of, because you know where I've come from.

My past.







[basic riff]

I ask you, please, just give us...  [8x]

I as you, please... [4x]


[basic riff 6x and out]



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