Old Dan Tucker

Words & Music:

Daniel Decatur Emmett (1843)


This song is perfect for making up your own verses and, as a result, you can find many, many verses on the 'net.  It was a popular Gold Rush song and is still great for folk dancing.


D                                                        A7

Old Dan Tucker was a mighty man; he washed his face in a frying pan.

D                                                                A7     D

He combed his hair with a wagon wheel and he died of a toothache in his heel.



D                   G                A7               D

Get out the way for Old Dan Tucker!  He's too late to get his supper.

Supper's over and breakfast's cookin'!  Old Dan Tucker just stands there a-lookin'.


Old Dan Tucker went to town, ridin' a mule and leadin' a hound.

The hound, he barked and the mule, he jumped and he threw Old Dan out over a stump.




I came to town the other night, I heard the noise and saw the fight.

The watchman was a'runnin' around; cryin', "Old Dan Tucker's come to town!"




Now, Old Dan, he went down to the mill to get some meal to put in the swill.

The miller swore by the point of his knife, he'd never seen such a man in his life.




Now, Old Dan Tucker, he's a nice old man.  He used to ride our darby ram.

He sent him whizzing down the hill.  If he hadn't got up, he'd be lying there still.




Old Dan begun in early life to play the banjo and the fife.

He'd play the children all to sleep and then into his bunk he'd creep.




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