Words & Music:

Chanel Lucas & Roz Pappalardo (Women In Docs)


By request.  I'd not heard of this Australian Indie band before, but I'm a fan, now!


A             E            Bm                                     E (Esus4  E)

I first met you in the supermarket; you were shy, you closed your eyes.

A                 E             Bm                 E

You walked into a really big stand of Heinz tomato soup cans.

    F#m         D                  E                 A                    E

And I thought, "My heart's here to stay & there's no way you're leavin', now.

    Bm                   E         F#m         E             F#m           E

You knocked my heart around & I'm falling for someone, who'd like my dad & mum."


  A                   E                 Bm                       E

I walked you to your car a raffle; the icepack I held tight to your jaw.

  A            E                  Bm                    E

A photo on the dashboard of your dog scratched inside a heart,

   F#m             D                E  (Esus4  E)

An '80s song rings loudly from your mobile.

     A               E                    Bm

You asked what I was doing Tuesday, said, "I thought I'd use my sick pay.

    A             E             Bm                     E

My email has been disconnected; won't you come with me now?"


        F#m              D             E   (Esus4 E)

You said we could make a start on this ice cream

               A                E

And there's no way you're leavin', now."

Bm                   E         F#m         E             F#m           E

You knocked my heart around & I'm falling for someone, who'd like my dad & mum.



    F#m    E                  Bm             E

You SMS me right through 'The Secret Life of Us',

    F#m               E                Bm             E

You drink my soy milk with me, just so I don?t make a fuss

    A                Bm              D                E (Esus E)

You say you'd like to buy a bus, and travel round the world

[n.c.]                E   (Esus E)              A                   E

I'll travel round the world----- and there's no way you're leavin', now.


    Bm               E

You knocked my heart around

        F#m          E            F#m                      E

In the aisle of the supermarket between the greens and the dairy products.

        F#m                E       Bm             E

There's no way you can go, now, I broke my solemn vow.

           F#m             E          F#m                 E

'Cause I'm falling for someone, who'd like my dad and mum.

          A           E                   Bm                  F#m  Db          D

Da-na-na-na, there's no way, that you're leaving,                 that you're leaving

         [vocal 2]      (There's no way)(That you're leaving)    that you're leaving)

             E            A

 That you're leavin'  me behind.

(That you're leavin') me behind.


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