Jet Boy, Jet Girl

Words & Music:

Alan Timms (a.k.a. Alan Ward - Elton Motello)


This has been covered not just in its original form, but with new French lyrics under the title "a Plane Pour Moi".  Enjoy!


A   D   [vamp with solo for intro]




Jet boy, jet girl, gonna take you 'round the world.

A                  D                                           A

Jet boy, I'm gonna make you penetrate, I'm gonna make you be a girl.

A          E                  A

Ooooo-weee-ooo!  Jet boy, jet girl!



Can you tell what's on my mind?


She's with him, it drives me wild.


I'd like to hit him on the head until he's dead.

D                            A

The sight of blood is such a high

A          E                 A  [etc.]

Ooooo-weee-ooo!  He gives me head.


We made it on a Ballroom Blitz.

I took his arms and kissed his lips.

He looked at me with such a smile, my face turned red.

We booked a room into the Ritz.

Ooooo-weee-ooo!  He gives me head.




And though I'm only just fifteen,

I like to kick, I like to scream.

And even if I had a kink or two in bed,

When I'm with him. it's just a dream.

Ooooo-weee-ooo!  He gives me head.




The other day, what a surprise!

I saw him with some other guys.

God, he was dressed up with a girl around his neck.

I could have cried with both my eyes.

Ooooo-weee-ooo!  He gave me head.






And if and when I make it through,

Or if my brain is stuck on glue,

And when the world trusts you, forget all that,

I said I'll still remember you.

Ooooo-weee-ooo!  You gave me head


CHORUS:  [2x or however many you'd like and out]



*Elton Motello's long version repeats verses 3, 4 & 5 after this with two more choruses at the end of the song, ending abruptly on "Jet boy, jet girl".

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