Jacob's Ladder (Not In My Name)

(version 1)

Words & Music:



The guitar line is from Davey Graham's guitar classic "Anji"; and the bridge is a quodlibet with the tune from the last two lines of "God Rest Ye, Merry Gentlemen". Man, I love this group!


Anji riff [repeated for whole song]:







                       _____________     __________

                        4th finger       thumb









Like rusty old nails at the bottom of the sea.

Telling no tales for the good of the Admiralty.

You jump when you're told to through the open door.

And the King of Norway, he's the man you all died for.



On this Jacob's Ladder, the only way up is down.

Three days in the water, watching all the secrets drown.

Jacob's Ladder...



And they sent him to the wars to be slain, to be slain.

And they sent him to the wars to be slain.


A thousand lifetimes left standing at the docks

In the bar down in Whitehall they're sure the boat won't rock

In a file marked 'Secret', in a drawer kept closed

Nobody wonders, because nobody knows


CHORUS:  [replace "On this..." with "About this..."]


BRIDGE: [2x] then: CHORUS: [2x]



Jacob's Ladder...  Jacob's ladder...  [repeat under "Anji" Theme]


[repeatedly whispered under all that:]

O Bulldog Leader, sooner or later we'll dig up the body

And try your cadaver...


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