Even Here We Are

Words & Music:

Paul Westerberg


A6        G6         Bm

Beautiful flowers in your garden,

        Em         F#m     Bm

But the most beautiful, by far,

    A6          G6   Bm

The one growing wild in the garbage dump,

     G                  Dadd2

Even here, even here we are.  [2x]


Song of the bird way up in the sky,

But the most beautiful by far,

The scream of the man who never learned to fly,

Even here, even here we are.  [2x]


INSTRUMENTAL OVER  G  Dadd2 [2x or as much as you’d like]


Sun shines bright, it's a beautiful sight,

But the most beautiful by far,

Is the blind girl, alone, the angel of the night.

Even here, even here we are.  [2x]




Transcribed by Pace – his transcription notes:

The fingerpicking is a bit tricky in the 1st two chord sequences (A6-G6) because he double picks the "6th" notes a lot... these two chords are barred, but mute, or don't fingerpick the 7th of the barre chord:


A6 = 5 7 x 6 7 5 [can also sub x 0 2 2 2 2]

G6 = 3 5 x 4 5 3 [can also sub 3 2 0 0 0 0]


In the Bm barre chord, you can alternate between the regular Bm barre chord on the 2nd fret with a BmSus4 chord.  Add the sus4 note while picking by lifting up your barring 1st finger from the high E string (adding the E note):


Bm = x 2 4 4 3 0


The G chord in the chorus line at the end of each verse alternates an open G, with an open Gadd6, which blends with the Dadd2:


Gadd6 = 3 2 0 0 0 0

Dadd2 = x x 0 2 3 0



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