Go Down, Moses

Words & Music:

Traditional Spiritual


     Em     B7     Em      C7     B7            Em

When Israel was in Egypt's land.  Let my people go.

Em         B7        Em        C7        B7            Em

Oppressed so hard they could not stand.  Let my people go.



E        Am      B7          Em

Go down, Moses, 'way down in Egypt's Land.

Em       C7         B7            Em

Tell Old Pharaoh to let my people go.


"Thus spoke the Lord", bold Moses said.  Let my people go.

"If not, I'll smite your first born dead."  Let my people go.




The Lord told Moses what to do.  Let my people go.

To lead the children of Israel through.  Let my people go.




No more shall they in bondage toil.  Let my people go.

Let them come out with Egypt's spoil.  Let my people go.




They journeyed on at his command.  Let my people go.

And came at length to Canaan's land.  Let my people go.




We need always weep and mourn.  Let my people go.

And wear these slav'ry chains forlorn.  Let my people go.




Oh, let us all from bondage flee.  Let my people go.

And let us all in Christ be free.  Let my people go.




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