There Was A Man

(a.k.a. "There Was A Man & He Was Mad" - Bowdlerized version)

Words & Music:



      C             F      C

There was a man and he was mad,


And he jumped into a heating pad!


The heating pad, it got so hot,

That he jumped into a honey pot!


The honey pot, it was so dark,

That he jumped into a doggie bark!


The doggie's bark, it was so loud

That he jumped into a big, white cloud.


The big white cloud, it was so high,

That he jumped 'way up to the top of the sky.


Another man was just as mad,

And he jumped into a shopping bag.


The paper bag, it was so narrow

That he jumped into a big wheelbarrow.


The big wheelbarrow ran away

And bumped into a cart of hay.


The cart of hay, well, it caught fire

And flew him up to Jeremiah.


Jeremiah was full of stones

And so they broke the madman's bones.



The provenance of the attached easy arrangement is unknown.  It is part of a collection that people gave me over the years.  Please inform me if correctly attribute it.

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