The Circus Is In Town, Now

Words & Music:

Kristin Carole Hall


As a class with Kindergarteners, I'd teach them how to make up songs.  They'd come up with the subject and I'd write the song and teach it to them.  Here's one of them.


C            F            G7           C

Goin' to the circus and I had a lot of fun.

Looking at the clowns, they were funny on the run.

Little baby elephant, riding in a car.

Mama pushed it far behind, she didn't get too far.




The circus is in town, now.


The circus is in town, now.


The circus is in town, now.

F        G7     C

Let's go to the circus!


A clown came up & jumped upon his trunk.

Flipped over the elephant's head and landed in some junk.

The tigers and the lions, roaring in their cage.

With a hoop on fire, they were all the rage.




A dragon flew by, it was such a funny sight.

The horses in the ring jumped and laughed with all their might.

The man in the trapeze, he tumbled through the air.

I had such a good time, I still wish I was there.




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