Mr. Wolf

Words & Music:

Traditional Game


Another fun game, kind of like "Mother, May I?" meets "Red Light, Green Light".  "Mr. Wolf" stands at one end, facing away from the group.  The group shouts, "What time is it, Mr. Wolf?" and Mr. Wolf replies "It's one o'clock."  Then, everyone takes one step forward.  Repeat this ritual for "two o'clock"  "three o'clock" etc.


At any time, Mr. Wolf may answer instead, "It's dinner time!" and turns around to chase the group.  If Mr. Wolf catches someone, that person becomes the new Mr. Wolf.  If everyone makes it back to the starting line without being captured, Mr. Wolf has to start again.


I've heard of variations where people take one step for each hour on the clock.  For example, two steps for two o'clock, five steps for five o'clock, etc.


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