Making Rain

Traditional Game


This is a game of sound without words.  It works best on a wooden floor.  Everyone stands in a circle.  The leader starts a motion, and the motion goes around the circle like "The Wave" at a ballpark – you don't start it until the person on your left does.  This way, the sound moves and builds.  You are making a rainstorm together.  Don't speak, just listen.


The motions are, in order:

1.     Rub palms together (rising wind)

2.    Snap fingers (first drops of rain)

3.    Pat hands on thighs (harder rain)

4.    Pat hands on thighs & stomp feet on floor simultaneously (adding thunder to rain)

5.    Just pat hands on thighs (thunder moves on)

6.    Snap fingers (rain is stopping)

7.    Rub palms together (winds moving on)

8.    Put hands at your sides (storm moves on)

9.    When everyone is silent, you say, "And that's making rain."



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