Lost My Gloves

Words & Music:



I lost my gloves on a Saturday night

I found them Sunday morning.

Good morning!  Good morning!

Drop, Peter, drop!

But Peter wouldn't drop!

It's T-I-M-E, time to drop.

[Repeat this last line until the chase is complete!]



This game is like "Duck, Duck, Goose".

Everyone is sitting in a circle.

One person is on the outside of the circle, holding an object that stands for the "glove".

This person walks around the circle while the others sing the song.

When they get to the last word  ("drop".)  "It" drops the object behind the person they are next to and runs!

As the others repeat the last line, this person picks up the object and tries to catch the "dropper".

If the "dropper" makes it to the empty space and successfully sits, the "catcher" is "It".

If the "catcher" tags the "dropper" before he/she sits, the "dropper" is in the "Soup"  (sits in the middle of the circle until someone else is caught.


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