Words & Music:

Traditional Game


C  [vamp while you explain the game]


   F                         G7

With a baa! baa! here, and a baa! baa! there,

F            G7            F            G7

Here a baa!  There a baa!  Here a baa!  There a baa!

C                           F               G7

Hey, there, kid!  Won't you come along with me,

   C       G7       C

To see the farmer's sheep?


Now, get more suggestions for animals, for example:


With a moo! moo! here, and a moo! moo! there,

Here a moo!  There a moo!  Here a moo!  There a moo!

Hey, there, kid!  Won't you come along with me,

To see the farmer's cows?


With an oink! oink! here, and an oink! oink! there,

Here an oink!  There an oink!  Here an oink!  There an oink!

Hey, there, kid!  Won't you come along with me,

To see the farmer's pigs?


...and so on!  Have the kids act out the animals as they sing the song.  Also, have fun with the animals!  Try giraffe or penguin or gorilla or snake!


Another non-singing variant of this game is to break kids up into groups in a large area (like a gym) and give each group an animal to be.  Then blindfold (or have the kids keep their eyes shut in this overly-litigious age) them and spread out the teams over the area of play.  When you say, "Go!", the kids have to reassemble their whole team using only the sounds of the animals they've been assigned.  In other words, they walk around mooing, oinking, etc. until they find other teammates and keep making the sounds until their whole team has found them.  Then, they have to draw attention to the fact that their team is reassembled by making their assigned sound even louder as a group.  This game is a RIOT for participants and onlookers alike!


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