Brandy Tree (The Otter's Song)

Words & Music:

Gordon Bok


Am               Em

I go down to the brandy tree

Em                  Am

Take my nose and my tail with me,

Am                        F

All for the world and the wind to see

    Am         G       Am

And never come back no more.


Down in the meadowmarsh, deep and wide, tumble the tangle by my side,

All for the westing wind to run and slide in the summer rain.



C                         G

Sun, come follow my happy way;

C                      G

Wind, come walk beside me.

Am                            Em

Moon on the mountain, go with me:

  Am        G     Am

A wond'rous way I know.


I go down to the windy sea and the little grey seal will play with me;

Slide on the rock and dive in the bay and sleep on the ledge at night.



But the seal don't try to tell me how to fish in the windy blue:

Seals been fishing for a thousand years, and he knows that I have too.


When the frog goes down to the mud to sleep

And the lamprey hide in the boulders deep,

I take my nose and my tail and go a hundred thousand hills.


Someday, down by the brandy tree, I'll hear the Shepherd call for me;

Call me to leave my happy ways and the shining world I know.



Sun on the hill, come go with me,

My days have all been free.

The pipes come laughing down the wind

And that's the way I go, that's the way for me.


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