It's All Over Now, Baby Blue

Words & Music:

Bob Dylan


Capo 4, top E tuned down to C

Note-> CADGBe


C:     032010

Csus4: 033010 (add the little finger on the 4th string)

G:     220000 (actually an Em7, but this is what he plays for G)

F:     003211

Dm:    200231 (use the thumb to fret the 6th string)

E:     x22100 (or maybe E7: x22130)

(Note: be sure to strum the 6th string to keep the distinctive

droning C note going.)

Intro: C and Csus4

      (hammering onto the 4th string at the 2nd fret)


G                                           F          C

You must leave now, take what you need, you think will last.

        G                                 F       C

But whatever you wish to keep, you better grab it fast.

Dm                 F               C

Yonder stands your orphan with his gun.

Dm            F           C

Crying like a fire in the sun.

E(7)                    F      G

Look out the saints are coming through.

    Dm            F         C

And it's all over now, Baby Blue.


The highway is for gamblers, better use your sense.

Take what you have gathered from coincidence.

The empty-handed painter from your streets

Is drawing crazy patterns on your sheets.

This sky, too, is folding under you

And it's all over now, Baby Blue.


All your seasick sailors, they are rowing home.

Your empty-handed armies, they're all going home.

The lover who just walked out your door

Has taken all his blankets from the floor.

The carpet, too, is moving under you

And it's all over now, Baby Blue.


Leave your stepping-stones behind, something calls for you.

Forget the dead you've left, they will not follow you.

The vagabond who's rapping at your door

Is standing in the clothes that you once wore.

Strike another match, go start anew

And it's all over now, Baby Blue.

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