On And On

Words & Music:

Stephen Bishop


C  Am7(add4) [x 0 5 5 3 0]  [2x]


C         Am7(add4)      C       Am7(add4)

Down in Jamaica they got lots of pretty women.

C          Am7(add4)       Dm7        G7

Steal your money then they break your heart.

C         Am7(add4)      C       Am7(add4)

Lonesome Sue, she's in love with ol' Sam.

Dm7               G7           C      A7+4

Take him from the fire into the fryin' pan.



Dm7                 F/G

On and on, she just keeps on trying.

CM7                     A7         A7+

And she smiles when she feels like crying.

       Dm7        G7         C  Am7(add4)  [etc.]

On and on, on and on, on and on.


Poor ol' Jimmy sits alone in the moonlight.

Saw his woman kiss another man.

So, he takes a ladder, steals the stars from the sky.

Puts on Sinatra and starts to cry.





         Dm7               Em7

When the first time is the last time,

       Dm7      F/G     C7

It can make you feel so bad.

           Dm7      Em7

But if you know it, show it.

Am7     D7           Dm7              C

Hold on tight, don't let her say "Goodnight."


Got the sun on my shoulders and my toes in the sand.

Woman's left me for some other man.

Ah, but I don't care, I'll just dream and stay tan.

Toss up my heart to see where it lands.




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