Oh, England, My Lionheart

Words & Music:

Kate Bush


F   Em       C      D7

Oh, England, My Lionheart,

Am          G             C             D7

I'm in your garden fading fast in your arms.

Dm7          Am          E7

The soldiers soften, the war is over.

Dm7          Am           E7

The air-raid shelters are blooming clover,

    Am     F       E7       F

Flapping umbrellas fill the lanes.

   Am     F         E7     Am

My London Bridge in rain again.


Oh England My Lionheart,

Peter Pan steals the kids in Kensington Park.

You read me Shakespeare on the Rolling Thames,

That Old River Poet that never, ever ends.

Our Thumping hearts hold the Ravens in,

And keep the tower from tumbling.



C            F      Bb    F

Oh, England, My Lionheart,

C               F

Oh, England, My Lionheart,

G               Dm7

Oh, England, My Lionheart,

Dm7             G7

I don't want to go.


Oh England My Lionheart,

Dropped from my Black Spitfire to my funeral barge.

Give me one kiss in appleblossom.

Give me one wish and I'd be wassailing.

In the orchard my English Rose,

Or with my Shepherd who'll bring me home.




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