Load-Out & Stay

Words & Music

Jackson Browne (Load-Out) & Maurice Williams (Stay)


"Stay" was originally recorded by Maurice Williams & The Zodiacs.  The Hollies covered it, but Jackson Browne added the great "Load-Out" prequel to make this the ultimate encore song.


Spoken: "I'd like to do a song I never played in public before.  A brand new song, sort of a tribute to the friends of mine that come out here on the road, and to you, too."


1.  Load-Out

G  C  D  Em  |  C   D  G  |  C  G  D |

G  B  C  D   |  Em  C  D  |  G  C  |  G  D


         G                             C       D        Em

Now, the seats are all empty.  Let the roadies take the stage.

C              D           G

Pack it up and tear it down.

            G                                            C        D       Em

They're the first to come and the last to leave, working for that minimum wage.

               C        D       G  C  G

They'll set it up in another town.



            Em             D     C                    Em

Tonight the people were so fine, they waited there in line.

               G              Em         D        C

And when they got up on their feet, they made the show.


G                                                        C         D       Em

And that was sweet, but I can hear the sound of slamming doors and folding chairs

             C             D     G   C  G

And that's a sound they'll never know


C                            G

Now, roll them cases out and lift them amps.

C                          G

Haul them trusses down and get 'em up them ramps.

G                                      C                     D

'Cause when it comes to moving me, you know you guys are the champs!

              G                                             C       D       Em

But when that last guitar's been packed away, you know that I still want to play.

              C                                                         D

So, just make sure you've got it all set to go before you come for my piano.




BRIDGE:  [new words:]

        Em            D   C                      Em

But the band's on the bus and they're waiting to go.

             G              Em                   D       C

We've got to drive all night and do a show in Chicago...


      G             C              D               Em

Or Detroit, I don't know, we do so many shows in a row.

          C         D        G   C  G

And these towns all look the same.

        G                                    C       D          Em

We just pass the time in our hotel rooms and wander 'round backstage.

           C                                              D

'Til those lights come up and we hear that crowd and we remember why we came.


            G            Em

Now, we got country and western on the bus, R & B.

       C                         G                D

We got disco on eight tracks and cassettes in stereo.

         G                                    Em

We've got rural scenes and magazines.  We got truckers on CB.

               C            D    G   C  C

We got Richard Pryor on the video.


           G                                           Em

And we got time to think of the ones we love while the miles roll away.

        C                                     D

But the only time that seems too short is the time that we get to play.


       G              C          G       C

People you've got the power over what we do.


You can sit there and wait or you can pull us through.

      C              D         Em

Come along, sing the song, you know that you can't go wrong.

                 G                                              Em

'Cause when that morning sun comes beating down, you're going to wake up in your town.

    C                              D

But we'll be scheduled to appear a thousand miles away from here...


2. Stay

        G   C  D                   G   C  D  [etc.]

People, stay---- just a little bit longer.

We wanna play just a little bit longer.

If the promoter don't mind and the union don't mind.

We can take a little time and we'll leave this all behind,


Singin' one more song...


Oh, won't you stay just a little bit longer?

Please, please, please, say you will, say you will.




Oh, won't you stay just a little bit longer?

Oh, please, please stay just a little bit more.

Now, if the promoter don't mind and the roadies don't mind.

We can take a little time and we'll leave it all behind,

Singin' one more song...




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