Lady Of The Island

Words & Music:

Graham Nash


Dadd9                           F#m7-5/C

Holding you close undisturbed before a fire.

    B7                                    Gm6/Bb

The pressure in my chest when you breathe in my ear.

   F#m7                               Em

We both in this would happen when you first appeared.

F#m7          Em    A7

My Lady of the Island.


The brownness of your body in the fire low.

Except the places where the sun refused to go.

Our bodies were a perfect fit -- in afterglow we lay

My Lady of the Island.


[these notes are single notes, not chords]

F              E                  Eb                D

Leading myself wander through the world inside your eyes.

    F                E               Eb              D

You know I'd like to stay here until every tear runs dry.


[back to chords]

F#m7-5/C   Bm7   Gm/Bb   F#m7   Em   F#m   Em

F#m Em          A7

 My Lady of the Island.


Wrapped around each other in the peeping sun.

The beams of sunshine like the stage, the red lights on.

I never want to finish what I've just begun with you.

My Lady of the Island.


F#m7   Em   F#m7   Em   D


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