I'll Be Your Water

Words & Music:

Keb' Mo' & John Lewis Parker


This is fully transcribed in the May 2007 issue of Acoustic Guitar.  I've given the basic chords.  For all the pretty bits, pick up the magazine or, better yet, Keb' Mo's Homespun Tapes DVD.


F               G                F               G

Do you ever get worried and your load is hard to bear?

         F                       Am    D       F          G      C

And your life is like a sad, sad story and no one, nobody really cares.



C               F    C       Dm      G  Am7   G               F   C  Dm      C   G

But if you ever need someone to talk to-----, and if you ever need a helping hand,

G            F    C   Dm     C   Am    D            F            G      C

I'll be your ship out on the ocean---, I'll be your water in the desert sand.


I've been there I've felt like you do,

Feelin' like winter would never turn to spring.

And everybody I know has got problems,

But there's a solution to everything.





C                           G    Gm               F

And after you've found your way, you won't owe me nothin'

       Fm                          C                    G7

'Cause you're gonna know that your well would never run dry, never run dry.





C            F  G7 C                         F  G7

I'll be your water---- and I will give you shelter.

C            F  G7  C                       F  G7  C

I'll be your water----, I will be there for you.

C    G       A7       C         D

I'll be your ship out on the ocean,

D                F             G7    C

And I'll be your water in the desert sand.


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