Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

Words & Music:

Bernie Taupin & Elton John


F   C   Dm   C   Bb   C   F


Gm                      C     F                     Bb

When are you gonna come down? When are you going to land?

Gm                                C           F

I should have stayed on the farm, should have listened to my old man.

Gm                            C        F                   Bb

You know you can't hold me forever - I didn't sign up with you.

Eb                         C

I'm not a present for your friends to open.

     F                                 Db  Eb   Ab  Db   Db  C7

This boy's too young to be singing the blues... Ah...... Ah....



    F                    A7             Bb              F

So, goodbye yellow brick road where the dogs of society howl.

D7                         Gm            C                F

You can't plant me in your penthouse I'm going back to my plow.

Dm                      A                  Bb                      Db

Back to the howling old owl in the woods - hunting the horny black toad.

Db  Eb   F         C        Dm         F

Oh, I've finally decided my future lies.

  Bb       C            Db  Eb  Ab  Db  Db  C  F

Beyond the yellow brick road... Ah..... Ah......


What do you think you'll do then? I bet they shoot down your plane.

It'll take you a couple of vodka & tonics to set you on your feet again.

Maybe you'll get a replacement, there's plenty like me to be found.

Mongrels who ain't got a penny,

Sniffing for tidbits like you on the ground... Ah... Ah...




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