Get Stoned

Words & Music:

Austin Winkler, Ross Hanson, Lloyd Garvey, Mark King,

Michael Rodden, Brian Howes & Joey Moi (Hinder)


This is fully transcribed in the June 2006 issue of Guitar One.  It actually switched from the minor chords in the intro to more complex & major ones in the verse, but the accepted acoustic tab is below.


Am             C

Just hear me out.

Am                                                 D

If it's not perfect, I'll perfect it till my heart explodes.

I highly doubt

I can make it through another of your episodes.

Lashing out.

One of the petty moves you pull before you lose control.



Am  C       E    Am           C      E

You wear me out. But it's all right, now.



Am           C

Lets go home and get stoned.

Am                          D

We could end up makin' love instead of misery.

Am             C

Go home and get stoned.

Am                                    D

'Cause the sex is so much better when you're mad at me.

Am       C    E

You wear me out. (We could end up making love instead of misery.)

Am          C        E

But, it's all right, now.


Without a doubt,

The breakup is worth the make-up sex you're givin' me.

Let's hash it out.

'Cause your bitchin' and your yellin' don't mean anything.

Don't count me out;

I can handle all the baggage that you're carrying.





Am                    C      Am  D

Let's go home and get stoned.  [4x - last time end on the C chord]


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