Words & Music:

Eddie Vedder, Jeff Ament & Stone Gossard (Pearl Jam)

Tabber: Federico Solla


This is still kind of a mess, but is a start.  Notes from the tabber:  "This is the ALMOST FULL version (except for the solo) there already is another version of this song that is quite good, but there are some parts missing (the bringe, for example).Then listen to the record to get the idea of the song's structure."


INTRO & MAIN RIFF:  [continue over verse]

   A2       Am                 A2       Am            A2       Am








She don't wander in...don't wander in here, she...

She don't wander in here...don't wander in here...


The direction of the eye, so misleading.

The defection of the soul, nauseously quick.

I don't question our existence.

I just question our modern needs.


She don't wander in...don't wander in here, she...

She don't wander in here...



       Am           G    F/C             Am           G    F/C

I will walk with my hands bound.  I will walk with my face blood

Am           G      F/C             Am              G         F/C

I will walk with my shadow flag.  Into your garden, garden of stone.



[Notes from tabber:  "Repeat INTRO and CHORUS, but here enters the BRIDGE, and these are the chords used.  Listen to the record to get the idea for how to play them, how many times, etc.:"]


   Am  Am/G  D/F#  F








After all is done, and were still alone.

I won't be taken, yet I'll go...with my hands bound...






I don't show...I don't share...

I don't need, yeah...what you have to give...


CHORUS:  [2x]



I don't know...I don't care...

I don't need you for me to live...yeah, yeah, yeah, oh...!

Uh, huh-huh...!  [8x]


Chords Used:

Am  = x 0 2 2 1 0       A2   = x 0 2 2 0 0      Am/G = 3 x 2 2 1 x

F/C = x 3 3 2 1 0       D/F# = 2 x 0 2 3 x      G    = 3 2 0 0 3 3  or:  3 5 5 4 3 3



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