Dog And Butterfly

Words & Music:

Ann & Nancy Wilson (Heart)


Aadd9                         E

There I was with the old man, stranded again, so off I ran.

   Asus2                              E                               C#7

My young world crashing around me; no possibilities of getting what I need.

   F#m              B                  Bsus4  B   Bsus2  A/B   D   E

He looked at me and smiled, and said, "No---, no, no---, no--, no, child!"



         Asus2                          AM9(no3)

"See the dog and butterfly.  Up in the air he'd like to fly.

G5            Dsus2  Asus2          AM9

Dog and butterfly, below she had to try.

    F#m                     C#m                F#m                      B

She rolled back down to the warm, soft ground, laughing, she don't know why.

    Bsus4       Dsus2              AM9(no3)  A(add2)

She don't know why, Dog and Butterfly."


Well I stumbled upon your secret place;

Safe in the trees, you had tears on your face.

Wrestling with your desires; frozen strangers stealing your fires.

The message hit my mind, only words that I could find:





C#m           F#m        Dsus2           Asus2

We're getting older, the world's getting colder,

        D             GM7                   Asus2

For the life of me, I don't know the reason why.

C#m        F#m     Dsus2      Asus2

Maybe it's living, making us give in.

D                  GM7                Asus2

Hearts rolling in, taken back on the tide.

      D                  GM7    A6sus2   Csus2  E7  E7sus4  E

We're balanced together; ocean upon the sky.


Another night in this strange town, moonlight holding me light as down.

Voice of confusion inside of me, begging to go back where I'm free.

Feels like I'm through, then the old man's word are true.


CHORUS:  [new lyric:  "with a tear in her eye"]


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