Words & Music:

Ben Folds


D       Dsus2/G              D                     Dsus2/G

Six am, day after Christmas, throw some clothes on in the dark.

D              Dsus2/G              D                      Dsus2/G   D Dsus2/G

Smell of cold, car seat is freezing. the world is sleeping.  I am numb.

Up the stairs to her apartment, she is balled up on the couch.

Her mom and dad drove down to Charlotte.  They're not home to find us out.


D/B        Dsus2/G   D/B         Dsus2/G

And we drive-------.  Now, that I have found someone

    D            Dsus2/G    D/B          Dsus2/E     E7

I'm feeling more alone----- than I ever have before



G                     A        D

She's a brick and I'm drowning slowly

G                     A      Bm

Off the coast and I'm headed nowhere

G                     A        D           G A G D

She's a brick and I'm drowning slowly


They call her name at seven thirty. I pace around the parking lot.

I walk down to buy her flowers, and sell some gifts that I got.

Can't you see?  It's not me you're dying for.

Now, she's feeling more alone than she ever has before.




D/B           Dsus2/G           D

As weeks went by, it showed that she was not fine

D/B          Dsus2/G             D

They told me, "Son, it's time to tell the truth."

    D/B                 Dsus2/        D       D/B    Dsus2/E E7

And she broke down, and I broke down 'cause I was tired----of lying


Driving back to her apartment, for the moment we're alone.

She's alone.  I'm alone.  Now, I know it.




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